Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I register?

To be sure to have space available for a surf course in July and August, you must register before the end of May. For the rest of the year, contact me a week in advance.

How to register and pay?

Registrations are made via the website and registration forms. To validate a registration, you must complete the form in PDF or print it and scan it and send it to me by email. Your place for the surf lesson will be blocked when the transfer of the deposit has been made.

Where can I register?

You can also register directly at the surf school office located at 18 boulevard Pralognan in Crozon opposite the skatepark.

Can I pay by credit card?

You can pay by credit card, check or cash.

Can I pay with holiday vouchers and Coupon Sport? 

You can pay by holiday voucher and Coupon Sport, check the validity date of these.

What is the physical condition necessary to participate in a surf lesson?

You don't need any particular physical condition to take a surf lesson with Magnet Surf School. However, you must be able to swim a distance of fifty meters. However, if you have a particular physical problem, do not hesitate to inform the surf instructor.

We are several people with different levels. Can we do surf lessons together?

As I never have more than 8 people in a group, I can take care of each participant individually. However Magnet Surf School reserves a niche dedicated to young people from 8 to 13 years old.

From what age can we participate in surf lessons?

You can start surfing at Magnet Surf School from the age of 8.

I am no longer young. Can I still learn to surf?

There is no age limit for learning to surf, you just need to be able to swim a distance of fifty meters.

How can I prepare for the surf lesson?

In order to have more fun and more safety reserves on vacation right from the start, it is advantageous to prepare yourself physically before the surfing vacation, for example, swimming (even better: rowing prone on a surfboard), diving and skateboarding.

Where can I find information on surf lessons?

You can find information about the different surf lesson formulas of Magnet Surf School on the website and social networks. If you have a specific question, do not hesitate to contact me directly by phone or email. 

In which language are the surf lessons given? 

Unfortunately the surf lessons are not given in Breton. The surf instructors are fluent in English. This is more than enough because in general the Germans speak very good English.

I have to work on theory in surfing class?

You don't have to work on the theory, but you will find all the important information on the weather, the surf spots on the peninsula, the surfing lexicon; on the Crozon Morgat surf school website.

I will also learn something about safety in surfing, so that I can surf on my own as soon as possible?

Of course the objective of surf lessons and courses is to make you independent as quickly as possible. It is for this reason that we often discuss the notions of safety and observation of the marine environment during surfing lessons. In general, you need a one-week course to be independent on easy beaches like Goulien, Kersiguenou and Kerloch'.

How many hours does it take to learn to surf? 

In private lessons we progress more quickly than during group lessons. There are no rules on how long to learn the surfing activity. I consider that learning to surf is endless.

In which months can I do surf lessons?

In general, surf lessons are given between the Easter holidays and the All Saints holidays. However, if conditions permit, it is possible to take surf lessons during the winter.

Can I fit into the surf courses on the second day?

It is always better to follow a surfing course from the beginning in order to have a complete learning and a coherent educational curriculum.

Is the surf equipment included in the lesson price or do I have to rent it?

All the surfing equipment necessary for the lesson is included in the price indicated on the website. However, you can rent your equipment outside of class when the instructor considers you independent.

Do I need a wetsuit?

It is considered that full surf suits are mandatory from a water temperature of eighteen degrees. On the Crozon peninsula, it is very rare for the water to exceed this temperature.

Can I use the equipment outside the surf lessons?

You can keep the wetsuits for the duration of the course. It will still be necessary to rinse it with tap water and extend them by the waist, sheltered from the sun.

Where are the surf lessons given?

The surf lessons take place on the spots of La Palue, Kersiguénou, Kerloch'. The meeting point for the start of the lesson is in front of the Magnet Surf School office.

What if there are no waves?

If there is no wave, the instructor offers you a substitute activity. Going to visit the caves of Morgat in stand-up paddle is an option that many surfers appreciate. 

However, if I have not answered your questions, do not hesitate to contact me by email or by whats app.

06 76 23 88 72


Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72 contact@magnetsurf.com
Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72 contact@magnetsurf.com

Magnet Surf School - 18 Boulevard de Pralognan la Vanoise - 29160 Crozon France

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