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Magnet Surf School is based on the Crozon peninsula. It’s a traveling surf school. Thanks to the minibus and its trailer, Guillaume the surf instructor, will meet you in front of the Crozon Tourist Office and take you to the best beach breaks. All the equipment is provided for the surf lesson (wetsuit, surfboard in varying sizes to suit each individual )!
The Crozon peninsula on the tip of Brittany benefits from natural protected areas conducive to outdoor activities. Here you will find some of the most beautiful surf spots in France and in Europe. At the heart of these exceptional surroundings, you will be bathed in an authentic and remote atmosphere.

Several formulas are available to suit your requirements : courses, private lessons, surf camp and club.

The group lesson allows us to teach in a lively and relaxed atmosphere. During school vacation periods, you will learn to surf in small groups of eight. Surf lessons are organized according to your ability, your age and the daily weather conditions.
Children from 7 to 11 years old have a specific time slot reserved for them at the end of the day: the “Mini Ninja” course which lasts 2 hours 30 minutes.
The duration of adult surf lessons is longer. In fact, it takes three hours between the time of departure from the Crozon tourist office “meeting point” and the return journey. There are three daily meeting times : 9 a.m., 1.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m.

Private lessons will allow you to progress quickly, in order to be autonomous in record time. You will benefit from a range of teaching methods and practices tailored made for you. Guillaume, your instructor always accompanies you in the water. And will stay in proximity to where you are surfing, to reassure and guide you in the learning process of this exceptionnal activity. You will leave with photos and a video that will be available on the Magnetsurf blog. This media enables you to analyze your technique and is a way of keeping fond memories of your surfing experience.

Why not plan your stay at Magnet Surf Camp. Come and joins us at our large house in the beautiful beach town of Morgat, a stone's throw from the village center and the Kador wood. An unforgettable experience which offers you the opportunity to get away from it all and learn to surf with other motivated individuals!

Guillaume is a passionate surfer with years of experience that he would like to share with you. He will be able to guide you safely in your progression whilst following an educational charter focusing on complementary values such as ecology, mutual respect and the local culture. Guillaume is fluent in English and will be delighted to welcome surfers from all over the globe to our beautiful Brittany coast.
Hope to meet you and share some waves soon!

- Lets surf -

Photo of Guillaume the surf instructor of Magnet Surf School.

The Surf Instructor

Guillaume was born in Brest in 1984. He has been dedicated to surfing for many years now. Smiling and energetic, he will always find you the best session possible. Being immersed in water sports from an early age and learned to sail at the USSAM (Sailing club in Brest city) and swimming at the CNB (swimming club of Brest). Guillaume embarked on a professional career in training and monitoring the beaches in the summer with the association of lifeguard swimmers of the SNSM, Brest. He then obtained his qualification and motor skills license (STAPS) at the University of Western Brittany. The winter and summer seasons follow one another between ski lessons in the Alps, sailing and surfing lessons by the Ocean. He is a specialist in outdoor physical activities and their specific environments.

His journey is accentuated by his thirst for discovery and adventure. It is often said that the Breton is a born traveler. This is no exception for Guillaume! Having crisscrossed Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania; Guillaume has forged an open outlook on the world. He speaks English fluently and adapts to the variety of his audience.

He is aware of the environmental challenges of this developing sport and the fragility of it's natural surroundings, creating a link between the various institutions and associations will allow dialogue and the development of more sustainable and respectful practices involved in this sport. Magnet Surf School is a partner with the Iroise Marine Park, Surf Rider Foundation and Octopouce. Its commitments to the charters of these associations and the actions carried out make Magnet Surf School a dedicated school in this field. The natural areas of the Crozon peninsula must be protected and respected.

Crozon is a return to the roots for Guillaume. The Crozon peninsula is a unique environment that will allow you to pass on and bring to life your passion: surfing.

The Educational Charter

Briefing on the top of Palue Beach just before the Magnet Surf School surf lesson

Learn to surf safely

• Surf with a smile and conviviality.
• Play with the elements.
• Learn surfing maneuvers and tricks.
• Understand the wave and its environment.
• Become familiar with and use the energy of the wave.
• Try and find a board adapted to your level.
• Know the safety rules in order to gain autonomy.

Respect and understand the environment.

• Discover the flora and fauna of the local coastline.
• Observe a unique geological site.
• Help preserve the natural habitat.
• Understand how the sand dunes work.

Forge a surf culture

• Discover the legendary surfers
• The origin of surfing.
• Weather forecasts.
• Wave formation.
• Explore the surf culture.
• The Crozon peninsula: a land of legend.

Weather Forecast

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The weather is one of the essential key elements in mastering and becoming an autonomous surfer. Magnet Surf School will help you read and interpret the weather forecast so that your session is best suited to your level, and to avoid making unnecessary trips in search of the best waves!

Wind, swell, tides are all determining factors in the quality of your surf sessions. The conditions for learning are small waves. It is essential to respect your progress levels. As the asset includes the surf activity whatever your level, you must absolutely avoid being scared. To do this, you must master reading surf forecasts in order to compare them to your abilitie. Whether for your own personal practice or for surf lessons with Magnet, it is interesting to know how to interpret this useful data.

In addition, Guillaume publishes the daily surf conditions as soon as he has the opportunity. You can consult this surf report on the Magnetsurf site in the section "the surf conditions of the day". This will allow you to get an idea of the quality of the waves breaking at the peninsula.

You should also be able to spot potential hazards by looking at the water. Remember that observation at the water's edge is proportional to the size of the waves. For one meter of wave, observe 10 minutes and for three meters 30 minutes. The longer the swell period (the time between each set of waves) the more careful you should be.
Be humble when you go surfing!

Below you will find links to various weather forecast websites.
You can check the height and quality of the swell in real time thanks to the 'Pierres Noires buoy'. Keep in mind that surveys are approximately 30 minutes apart between the time they are taken and the time the swell reaches shore. The WindGuru site is a world reference for surf forecasts. You will have to decipher its different data. To simplify the task, the 'Windy' website(above) is more visually explanatory.
If you have questions about these different sites, do not hesitate to raise the subject anytime during the lesson!



My two surf lessons with Guillaume were top notch, I learned the basics of surfing in no time. If you want good advice don't hesitate!

Tremblays eva


A great week to rediscover the pleasure of surfing! Very attentive to each surfer in the group, good advice, and fun! I recommend ++++

Alice Lozano


It was a pleasure to be able to take surf lessons with Guillaume for me and my 7 and 9 year old boys! Even with rain and wind! A big thank-you!!

Céline Van Nieuwenhove

Contact magnet surf school +336 76 23 88 72 contact@magnetsurf.com
Contact magnet surf school +336 76 23 88 72 contact@magnetsurf.com